K9 - Heavy Duty D-Ring Dog Collar

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For when your pup isn't a pup any more. This is heavy duty. Scuba webbing with a D-Ring style buckle. The OSI PAWPAW STRAP will be the last collar you'll buy. Rugged, stylish, and comfortable.

Made in the USA

Using a soft tape measure take it to the tightest point desired.
Add 2" and that will give you the final measurement.

M 17-21 
L 21-24
XL 24-28

*Patch not included
*Cobra D-Ring Buckle used in newer production is a different, more robust version that's not pictured.

Lead time are approximately 2-4 weeks  as these are made to order. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great collar!

LOVE this collar! We bought it for our 90lb cane corso puppy. He pulls a lot on walks and we have never had to worry about him getting loose while training. Its heavy duty and super high quality. He looks amazing in it too. We get TONS of compliments on it. Definitely worth the price. Its the last collar you’ll have to buy!

The most badass collar, love it

My boyfriend bought one over a year ago for our German Shepherd, it’s definitely high quality, worth the price and we get tons of compliments on it. It’s the most durable collar I’ve seen so far and I love the wide and sturdy build of it as well as the material. It generally weathers dirt/gunk/whatever our dog gets into without really needing cleaning. About 4 months ago he had a run in with a skunk while we were out hiking and even though I soaked it in the special skunk odor remover soap and then did another soak with laundry detergent it has continued to smell a little funky. I’m going to try to soak it again maybe with oxiclean I’m not sure what the best solution to use on this material would be but hope it helps resolve this smelly dilemma or else we might have to order a new one of these for our guy!

Great product

This collar is all I could have wanted and more. It's very sturdy and rugged. It works great for my 95lb Labrador. It also fits with his dogtra e-collar on. If you are looking for a heavy duty collar, this is the last one you'll ever have to buy.

Cole Marson
In love with this collar.

Extremely well made and I love how easy this collar adjusts. Surely this will be the last collar you ever have to buy. My boy Wrangler seems to love it too. One of my favorite features is the D ring, this collar gives me a lot of head control with little effort, because of how wide it is. I would recommend this collar to anyone looking for a high quality long lasting dog collar. At first I contemplated purchasing this collar, because of the price, after receiving it I believe it was worth every penny. The quality cannot be beat for the price. Definitely badass products for badass people.

Jim Countryman
Big dog collar

I received my order today and I am simply amazed at the quality of your collar. I have A English Labrador Retriever. My 110 lbs baby. Very heavy duty collar. And I'm sure it's the last collar that I will ever need to buy. Thanks again for putting out such high quality.