Get Out And Train

We are advocate of the "Get Out And Train" lifestyle. Below are vetted instructors that we have trained with and recommend.

Sierra Element - Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas / Arizona
Learn From Professionals: Our mission is to provide the most practical and effective training based on real world experience in the law enforcement, military and civilian world.

GCS Training Group
- NorCal, Nationwide
GCS Training Group is made of experienced professionals in the firearms and tactics arena.  When taking a course from GCS Training Group, you will gain knowledge from Instructors who have real-world experience gained from Military, Law  Enforcement (SWAT) and Private Military Contracting (High Threat Protection).  Having the combined experience from the aforementioned areas make GCS Training Group unique in its ability to pass this information on to you. The courses GCS Training Group offers range from basic to advanced and are designed as building blocks from the ground up. 

Solutions Group International - Riverside County, Nationwide
Solutions Group International (SGI) was created to provide specialized security services, tactical training, threat assessments and leading edge anti-terrorism / counter-terrorism applications to law enforcement, security, government, military, entertainment, and corporate sectors worldwide.

SSV Concepts - Searsboro, Iowa
SSV Concepts is owned and operated by a full time Police Officer with over 12 years experience, including 10 years on a metropolitan SWAT team. In that time, Rick participated in training, certification, and operational experience in the following areas : Hostage Rescue, High Risk Search Warrants, Rapelling, Breaching(mechanical/ballistic/explosive), Low Light/No Light Tactics, NVGs, SCUBA, Behavior Analysis/Recognition, Distraction Devices, Dignitary Protection, Less Lethal Munitions, and Force on Force( including Simmunition). Rick is an Iowa Law Enforcement Academy certified Firearms Instructor for patrol rifle, pistol, and shotgun.

Click here to download the SSVC and OSI Target 

Pillar Training
 - NorCal

Pillar Training is named in regard to the three pillars of gunfighting. The three pillars consist of Mindset, Manipulation and Markmanship. You can’t just be proficient in one pillar or your foundation will crumble. You have to have the Mindset to win, You have to have the Manipulation skills to effectively run your weapon system and you have to be able to perform on demand by having solid fundamentals and marksmanship skills.

At Pillar Training, who’s experience consists of military, 25 years law enforcement, over 10 years SWAT and 3 years High Threat Protection in Iraq and Afghanistan, we will train you to strengthen each one of those pillars to help set you up for success and win the fight!