1.5" Convertible PewPew® Strap (2 belts system, velcro lining )

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Convertible PewPew® Strap is a two-piece 1.5" belt system, however they can be worn independently. The inner lining is simple low-pro solution for an everyday carry system. The outer belt itself can be preloaded with your gears and when you're on duty, training at class, heading into a match or just planking at the range, just simply mate the two. Fast, simple and secured. 

This is the perfect solution for those who are tired of seeing ugly ass two-piece belts out on the market and for those who do not want to keep on looping their holster and mag carriers to a belt. Set-it and forget it. 

Made in USA

• Includes inner and outer belts. 
•  Lead time are approximately 2-4 weeks as these are made to order to your spec
• All Sales are final

In true OSI fashion, you can add your favorite patch for that extra style points.
*Patch not included

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*Pew Pew and PewPew are registered trademarks of One Shot Industries

What size to order?
Simple, use your pants size. If you're a 36" waist, please order a 36". These belts, however will have approximately 2-4 inches of outward expansion to comfortably accommodate inside the waistband carry.

Release clasp on the Cobra Buckle will either be golden or black in color depending on the batch.  

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